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I was born a city girl in Chicago IL where I was fortunate enough to enjoy so much…amazing zoos, fabulous museums, great restaurants and nature’s glory within The Morton Arboretum and many forest preserves. Not to mention a couple of blizzards along the way! As a child I loved reading stories about dogs and horses. As luck would have it, my best friend Ellen next door also had cats and thanks to her I fell in love with felines!

Despite the fact that the big city was my home town, I always yearned for the “country life”.  In 1983 my wonderful husband and I relocated to Texas where we settled down in a small town called Grapevine. Here we started our fur-family which began with two rescued stray kitties, followed by an adopted puppy and then a second pup. This was our home for 17 years until a job layoff resulted in our next move in 2000. It was  very difficult to leave family and friends after so long, but a new venture awaited us in Georgia!

Although our original fur-kids had all passed before our big move, a new puppy and kitten had joined our family in 1999 so we had company on our cross country drive to Georgia. Sadly that dog passed in 2002 but since then we welcomed two more rescued dogs and another cat into our family. Currently our fur-family members are two tabby cats, Tabitha and Tucker, and two dogs, Gilbert and Shadow, ranging from 3 to 12 years old.  They have brought a lot of joy to us over the years!

Not long after moving to Georgia we used a pet sitting company to care for our cats. I felt the service lacked a personal touch, and was dissatisfied so I started calling around. When I dialed Guardian Angel Cat Sitting’s number I got a down home southern message I couldn’t resist. When we talked, Cat Denton was simply a delight! Since that day she has truly been a guardian angel to our kitties. They have loved the many visits from Cat over the years and will miss her devoted attention!

Cat gave me a wonderful opportunity to step into her pawprints when she relocated to another state. I am truly thankful for this and am committed to continuing her tradition of extraordinary cat care.




Please enjoy the following photos of

Our Pets, Our Family...

Sundown was my very first dog. I still miss him and hope one day to be reunited with him. Buster and Billie were our first cats as a married couple, followed by Angel and then Magic. Billie was my sweetheart and outlived them all. In 1999 we acquired Sasha, and not long after we adopted Tabitha (Tony actually picked her out as she reminded him of Billie and he was so right). Sasha had health problems all her life and died in spring 2002 when she was only three years old. Tucker joined our family after that and in Sept 2002 we drove to Tennessee to adopt Gilbert after I found him on the internet. In Oct. 2008 I found Shadow roaming the streets while walking Gilbert and brought him home. After an extensive search to find his family without success, we gave him a forever home with us.


Kat and Tony Bifano 2011


Buster and Billie were our first cats as a married couple!

Buster and Kat

Our precious Billie soon joined Buster as a member of our fur-family

Here's Buster all grown up. Isn't he adorable?
Billie, our little girl.

What a cutie patootie!

Kat and her sweet Billie 1998.


Tony, Kat & Billie - summer 1998. She was very sick but such a brave kitty.


Our beautiful Billie.


Happily, our family grew to include many members of the feline and canine variety!


Kat and Tabitha 1999

She had me wrapped around her little paw with lightning speed! I love her more than words can describe!


Kat & Tabitha Feb. 2000

Tabitha playing hide-n-seek. She's so CUTE!


Kat and Tabitha Sept 2011

We have a very close bond and Tabitha is especially dear to me.

Kat & Tucker 2002.

One of my former coworkers rescued a pregnant cat and Tuck was one of her kittens.

Tony & Tucker 2002


Tucker relaxing in one of his favorite spots.

This basket is over 25 years old and has been used by many of our dogs and cats over the years!


Aren't Tucker's eyes a lovely color? We think so!


And here are our precious pups!


Kat and Sundown 1979.

He was a great dog! We went everywhere together. I even took him onto the city bus in Chicago when he was a puppy. He loved to play frisbee and he was super smart.



Our Angel, our first dog in our first home in Texas.

She was very lovable and so friendly that the neighborhood kids always wanted to pet her. She also loved to go jogging with Tony.

Magic - at 90 lbs she once knocked me down flat while playing. She had seizures early on, possibly due to backyard breeding. She was aggressive with Angel and found her forever home with a friend of ours on lots of acreage where she was very much loved.
Sasha and Kat 1999.

She was smart, sweet, very strong and special. She loved to play with Tony and the water hose & to splash in her turtle pool. Her time with us was far too short.

Golden Gilbert, our sweet smooth collie. He loves to bark at everything & before his two surgeries for torn CCL's he delighted in chasing squirrels and other critters. He is such a sweetie!

This is Shadow, our siberian husky snow dog. He's a lot of fun & full of energy so we walk and play together often. He loves his good buddy Gilbert.


Email: kittykat@guardianangelcatsitting.com

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