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If your kitty has a canine companion who needs mid-day playtime/potty breaks, I will be glad to consider doing so on a case by case basis. I do not offer dog walks or vacation sits for dogs.

My service starts with a complimentary Get Acquainted interview where I come to your home to meet you and your pets and to familiarize myself with all of their specific needs. I strive to maximize QUALITY at an affordable cost. Guardian Angel Cat Sitting LLC offers the following services, plus the option of customized service if you or your fur kids have special requirements:

Old10bul.gif (234 bytes) Feeding & providing fresh water for your pets
Old10bul.gif (234 bytes) Scooping litter daily/changing litter as needed
Old10bul.gif (234 bytes) Cleaning up around food & litter areas
Old10bul.gif (234 bytes) Adding seed to outdoor bird feeders
Old10bul.gif (234 bytes) Administering basic medicines if needed
Old10bul.gif (234 bytes) Watering plants
Old10bul.gif (234 bytes) Bringing in mail & papers
Old10bul.gif (234 bytes) Rotating lights or other crime deterrent measures
Old10bul.gif (234 bytes) Rolling trash bin to curb 

Lots of attention, love, reassurance and
 interaction with each of your "fur-kids"!

You will have extra peace of mind knowing that your home and your pets are being monitored on a daily basis. Of course, if any unusual circumstances or emergencies occur, I will do everything I can to resolve the situation in a timely and logical fashion, with the welfare of your pets my foremost concern.


Please call
to make your reservation!


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Call Guardian Angel
Cat Sitting LLC!

All my friends say
they're the cat's meow!

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Guardian Angel Cat Sitting LLC
Email: kittykat@guardianangelcatsitting.com


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