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If you are looking for a new
furry friend, or if you know of a pet
that needs a loving home,
the organizations listed below
will be able to help.

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    Companion Animal Rescue League, Inc.

C.A.R.L.  is a non-profit animal rescue group made up entirely of volunteers. Adoptions are on Saturdays 11 am-4 pm and most Sundays 12pm-4pm at Petco across from the Mall of Georgia and at John's Creek Petsmart in Suwanee. Please visit www.carl.petfinder.com for more information.

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Pup & Cat Co.
A non-profit, no-kill Humane Society/Foster Home organization in the North Georgia area. 

Alley Cat Allies
Rescue organization for feral cats.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Located in Utah, this is a huge refuge for unwanted pets.

Hugs for Homeless Animals World Wide
Great directory of shelters.

Pet Finder
Information on shelters and on pet adoption.

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Don't Forget to Check Your Local Animal Shelters, Rescue Groups, and Humane Society when you're ready to adopt a pet. You could save a little fur-friend's life! Plus, you'll have a new best buddy!!

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Email: guardianangelcatsitting@gmail.com

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Guardian Angel Cat Sitting LLC
Email: guardianangelcatsitting@gmail.com

Please call
to make your reservation!

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